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Jokes and other funny stuff online, with a log-in feature that tracks the jokes you’ve already read.

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Sex Videos on Funny Or Die Funny Or Die Visits The Museum Of Sex (NSFW)

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A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff., celebrating 50 years of humor.

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Member sent this in. It appears as though the camera falls off the helmet and falls to the ground.the ending actually surprised me. I want one now!

sex. Sorry cloning, but sex is the sexiest and most alluring way to make new people. It doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is, or if you’re a boob guy or a

Sex Videos, Articles, Pictures on Funny Or Die Porn Stars Explain Everything You Need To Know About Net Neutrality

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Our editors are like picture hoarders – from funny pictures to amazing pictures, we’ve got it all. Check out the most recent galleries at today!

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